Speed, Collaboration and Digitization.

Digital Product Creation (or PLM) - the way it should be ...

From your mobile use BeSnap App to introduce inspiration and concepts using integrated AI (Artificial Intelligence) and GPS location data. 

Uploading, commenting and sharing Adobe Illustrator, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint, 3D and any other format of Files is visual, easy and fast. 

Create Re-Useable materials that streamline TechPacks and tracking charts.

From Adobe Illustrator Design Cards to hand sketched drawings style creation for TechPacks and Line sheets have never been easier. 

Speed, collaboration and digitization are core to most companies success in today's market place. Moreover they are the catalyst for a new model of product creation called, Social Product Development.

StycheCo is proud to bring this digital fashion platform and proven methodology to the innovation discussion.

What is Social Product Development and where did it come from? Simply, its asking the question, why is the enterprise tools we use inside our company, so different from the digital experience we get from using apps on our mobile phones, outside the company. Increasingly, the speed and experience of mobile is enabling new ways for people to communicate and collaborate and 20 years of fashion product development and technology creation has enabled us to bring you a new digital fashion platform.

The platform is called BeProduct and we can share this with all types of companies. You can be a large company or a start-up to enjoy the benefits. As a matter of fact, direct to consumer brands, can be faster, more organized, collaborate better, and be more integrated with your teams. All of your assets and tools, you’re already using, can be integrated.

To show you "how" and help you on your journey, we provide "StycheCo Together”, an on-boarding service to get you aligned and ready for success.

The on-boarding experience is developed to fit every situation, and budget.

Contact us for more information about how social product creation and our digital transformation can put you on a faster, better and smarter path to achieving your most ambitious goals. 

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