UNTUCKit Unite Supply Chain through Collaborative PLM

There are three really important KPI’s out there in retail:

  1. Speed to Market

  2. Product Quality

  3. Customer Value

When you have an initiative like the one your about to read that moves the needle in anyone of these categories - then it better be a focus. If you have an initiative that moves the needle in all categories then it becomes a strategic initiative.

UNTUCKit is one of the fastest-growing retail brands in the U.S., UNTUCKit was created to solve the problem that millions of men struggle with every day by offering shirts designed specifically to be worn untucked. Since launching in 2011, UNTUCKit has grown to 13 product categories, ranging from T-shirts and polos to sports jackets and performance wear. The brand has introduced lines for women and children, offering perfectly contoured hemlines and more than 50 tailored fit options for the whole family. The brand is dedicated to creating an unmatched shopping experience, with 41 physical retail locations across the U.S.—with plans to open an additional 14 by the end of 2018—and one location in Toronto, Canada.

See the press release here on UNTUCKit’s path towards a more nimble, scaleable and agile platform that connects to their core partners around the world to deliver products that their customers desire.


Darioush NikpourComment