the Styche that threads together Global Retail, Apparel and Accessory Brands with the right people, process and technology



Since 1990, we audit, advocate, protect and extend the investments of innovative apparel, footwear retailers and brands in Planning, Design, Development, Sourcing and other enabling technologies and processes.


Our Mission

Listen, Plan, Execute, Have Fun and Measure. Even today, our ability to bridge retailers and brands business opportunities is by far the single largest motivating factor. We define success by how many clients, subject matter experts, consultants and industry supporters when asked, would freely and highly recommend our advocacy, products and services. We apply and equally focused lens on the needs of the user community as well as senior management's strategy and goals, to ensure the solution will continue to deliver value.

StycheCo will continue our award winning tradition and improve upon that which has helped our partners’ achieve product technology nirvana. Our passion is our clients success. We achieve this by aligning great people, product and process integrity with the right technology.
— Darioush Nikpour, Founder

What We've Achieved

  • Alignment of the creative and development arena's

  • Deep Adobe Integration to RFA (Retail, Footwear and Accessory) PLM

  • Right-Practices over Best-Practices

  • Roles and Responsibility Definition

  • Creative Adoption of Product Technology

  • Holistic approach to change management

  • Implicit knowledge of "what NOT to do"

  • Agile methodology with both on and off-shore resources

  • Highest customer satisfaction rating in apparel magazine

  • Our clients respect - through professional and innovative approaches that tender results which add longterm value.


Be Inspired again. Compliment your enterprise solution with what its sorely missing. A better way to engage design and develop product faster  more efficiently.

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