Design First, Design Fast

Inspired by the Olympic efforts of all the athletes, the planning and execution of the Rio Olympics, I wanted to share a few thoughts and ask the question. Why is speed so important to us? Why are we attracted to it? and how important is speed when it comes to design? Design is a practice that statrs and enables product creation - and we covet the ability to do what we do quickly and with authenticity and accuracy. However, when we look at the importance of  speed to market, product creation and major initiatives such as PLM (product life-cycle management), there are conditions that have slowed down that process.

There is a perception that design departments and creatives are resistant to technology specifically PLM. However it should be emphasized, that design is pro technology. Design has embraced technology that makes them faster, allows them to accomplish more in less time, seamlessly integrates with other technology tools, and is super easy to use.  It is not just the design group, but rather any group or department, will opposes technology that; slows them down, adds more work to their already challenging day, doesn't intelligently work with their preferred software tools and has a poor user experience. The consequences of that adds costs, risk and complexity which reduces your speed. 

Design teams are highly tech savvy and undisputed curators of aesthetic, style, color, graphics, fabrication, fit and aspiring to be more sustainable. However,  corporate intra-departmental culture and structure doesn't make it easy nor transparent, to share facts and answers to important questions related to product creation experience. 

This "voice of the product creator" anonymous survey, is a peer to peer platform to answer and share facts in-order to improve the product creation experience for everyone especially design. The goal is to build bridges not walls. 

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